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Takas eCommerce Services expands into the region forming an alliance with SIAR Digital Pakistan

Among the many players in the local eCommerce sector, Takas stands out as a veteran. The company credits much of its success to its expertise in technology. During the recent curfew, the company leveraged this expertise. In doing so, they conquered the challenges of selling groceries online. Since 2018, Takas eCommerce Services (TES), the technology arm of the company, has been offering its platform for other companies in the industry. Today, Takas eCommerce Services announced a strategic alliance with SIAR Digital Pakistan. 

With this alliance, SIAR Digital will be the sole distributor of TES products to eCommerce companies in Pakistan. Both companies see great potential in Pakistan where the eCommerce industry is growing rapidly. Under the agreement, SIAR Digital has become a customer of TES for its current services. Further, it will become the sole agent representing TES in Pakistan. 

Takas | eCommerce
CTO of Takas / TES, Kalinga Athulathmudali shared that despite the challenges due to COVID, they were able to implement TES remotely as part of this partnership.

The flagship product of TES is a B2B ERP solution geared towards eCommerce that goes by the same name. It was originally developed as an in-house solution for to manage its operations. Since then, the TES system has gone onto empowering several eCommerce companies. Their largest customer to date being WOW.LK.  

Its key features include a CRM that’s fully integrated with warehouse and shipping. Thereby offering complete ownership of the ecosystem to eCommerce companies. TES also comes with modules covering other eCommerce operations. These include customer relationship management, supplier management, and inventory control to name a few.  Many of these are automated resulting in tasks carried out with little human interaction. With these features, TES describes its platform as one that increases efficiency and is completely scalable. 

Takas | eCommerce
The TES team at work building the platform. Due to the challenges caused by COVID, this team worked remotely to implement the technology. (Image credits: Lahiru Pathmalal | Takas)

Commenting on the alliance, CTO of TAKAS/TES, Kalinga Athulathmudali stated, “We have been working with SIAR Digital on this project for some time. We are super excited about the launch of TES in Pakistan. Despite the challenges due to COVID, we’ve been able to implement the technology remotely. It’s a testament to the incredible technology capacity of our team in Sri Lanka.”

SIAR Digital is a service provider in Pakistan supporting large scale retailers. The company offers end-to-end solutions. These range from digital marketing to website developer and management to inventory management and order fulfilment among several others. The company is focused on empowering the eCommerce market in Pakistan. 

Sharing his thoughts on the alliance, Co-founder of SIAR Digital, Zulfiqar Khan said, “We are ecstatic to form this partnership with TES. We’ve been working with the TES team for months to get this point. We feel TES will help us reach our strategic goal of empowering the e-commerce market in Pakistan. Our key strategic relationships and global partnerships enable us to achieve our goal of helping eCommerce businesses scale and sustain growth through innovative technological solutions as per Business requirements and objectives.”

Takas | eCommerce
For the Co-Founder of Takas, Lahiru Pathmalal, the partnership turns TES into a regional player, making a dream he publicly stated two years ago a reality. (Image credits: Refresh Colombo)

With this strategic alliance, TES expands its reach into Pakistan, turning the company into a regional player. It’s a vision, which the Co-Founder of Takas, Lahiru Pathmalal, laid out two years ago that has now become a reality.

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