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The prediction of post electoral reality in Sri Lanka after August 5th 2020

I know people have been saying it for 70+ years – but I will repeat it this time too. Sri Lanka is at a watershed event now, where the election results will determine how we emerge from the unprecedented crisis we find ourselves in, a much worse state than most other countries on earth, despite the major backslapping still unabashedly going on for winning the Covid 19 war!
The reality is that the Economy is faltering, while policies to date have not helped in reducing the impact of the fall, and the people are being misled that whoever comes to power that things will improve. Whoever manages to form a government, will face an impossible 5 years, a whole term where if not carefully managed the Country could fall into chaos, starvation, and unrest, further justifying the use of security forces to quell the hunger of an increasingly agitated populace. Those who can will take their money and leave. God help the rest of us
The race card will be played out with a vengeance in blaming all the ills on a minority community, who will be singled out as being wealthy, and whose wealth could even be confiscated by fair means or foul, as they will have no recourse of legal means for defense, when the law of the jungle reigns supreme.
If the SLPP faction wins, then there will be a further move towards China’s sphere of influence, increasing Chinese Power within SL, so much as to sell most of the sellable assets to pay for the regime’s very survival, at the expense of the people. The very sin they are accusing all opposing parties of being engaged in!
Without a vision or concerted effort to increase productive capacity of  industries, especially the most inefficient being agriculture, as the inputs of imports needed to increase productivity have been banned, and there is little incentive on the part of the state to use the latest technology in producing healthy food for the nation’s people to consume. Stopping food imports will only create chaos.
The sad fact is neither party engaged in electoral politics has even touched upon the basic right of citizens, freedom from hunger and ensuring food security and the protection of those who grow the food from theft, and being left bereft, due to the inability to market as the populace is too poor to buy despite being hungry~!
The END RESULT in trying to hold onto power in a Country where there is civil unrest, will be to use the Security forces to keep the peace and keep the people cowed down and in fear, where the rule will be simply by fear of arrest and incarceration. Man you don’t know what is in it for you or me! A dictatorship.
How come after 70 years of broken promises we still fall for the same crap?

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