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First Living Robot-Xenobots

African-clawed frogs
African-clawed frogs

A robot is a machine designed by humans to execute some tasks automatically with speed and
precision. Can you ever think about a robot that creates a living cell? The first living
robot has created by scientists at Tufts University in the US. It has named Xenobots, a tiny
robot made from the stem cells of African-clawed frogs, Xenopus laevis. Size of Xenobots is only
0.04 inches (1 mm). This organism can walk and swim. And also it can survive without food for
several weeks.
Stem cells can develop into different compartments. Scientists scraped living stem cells from frog embryos
and kept them in incubation. Then cells reshaped into specific body forms designed by a

How does it look like?


Living Robot
Living Robot

Xenobiotics differ from traditional robots. Since they don’t have robotic arms, they look like a tiny
blob of pink flesh. Xenobiotics have self-healing capabilities. As if someone slice one robot, it
healed by itself and kept moving. According to Joshua Bongard, a researcher at the University of
Vermont is not a traditional robot or a species of animal. Xenobot is a living programmable
organism. Algorithms shaped the evolution of Xenobiotics. Scientists fed computer constraints for
this autonomous robot, such as the maximum muscle power of their tissues. This robot can
achieve more things that typical steel and plastic robots.


What can this living robot do?


living robots will be a massive change in human lives
living robots will be a massive change in human lives

Since living robots are tiny and they are varying from other robots they can use for various
tasks. They can use collect microplastics in the ocean and clean up radioactive waste.
Xenobiotics can be used to carry medicines inside to the human body and also travel into
human arteries for investigations. They have a unique ability to survive in aqueous environments
without additional nutrients for weeks. These organisms can use for biological researches to learn
more about cell biology.
These living robots are more environmentally friendly and safer for human health. This first
the living robot will be a massive change in human lives.


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