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Incomplete story

Let’s meet today, that is what she said and I agreed.
We met somewhere on the road, no one knew us.
Lets go to a good place where we can talk.
I took her to a best night club in the town.
She sipped some wine and I was greedy of beer.
Music started with slow rhythm.
We heard voices of other people.
She was in front of me looking out of a window.
She wanted my support to finish the wine.
I wanted her support to finish up the beer pitcher.
Music was intensive and some people stepped on to the floor.
They started to dance as we were talking.
I seated the same place where she was seating.
She came more closer to me and I kissed her slowly.
She accept that and kissed me back.
The waiters and the other staff were looking at us.
It did not matter to us, we kissed as it was like a first time..
The waters came and said they are going to close..
We hit on the road on that night and walking with twisted hands..
We sat somewhere by the road and again kissed.
She said I need to stay with you..
I said yes, only for tonight.

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