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Is your email address has been compromised –

In this fast moving world everyone has an email address that used to communicate and register to the different online services. This give cyber criminal an ideal opportunity to target innocent victims and use the victims email address to access the victims other online services.

In recent years there have been various big company data breaches such as yahoo, Linkedin, Myspace, Adobe, Equifax etc.. with these data breaches hackers and cyber criminals manage to get huge data sets of email addresses and passwords.

A security researcher Troy Hunt have collected all theses data in to a one site so any one can check if their email address or passwords have been leaked due to these major data breaches. The site is free to use and you can enter email addresses and see which ones have been compromised and what data breach that have caused it as well. 

Also have the functionality check if the passwords you used also is not matching with any leaked passwords from the data breaches. 
I hope every one don’t use same username & passwords combination, and after checking the site please change the passwords if compromised.
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