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My Korean Sweetheart

My imperious
Korean sweetheart 

‘Actually who gave you that name?’
Rosy cheeks, the aspect with wide smile 
Flashy countenance 
In every time I smile

On that every recherche day in our happy life 
I’ll not forget the joke 

Is that imitation earings 
Really suit for you 
Korean type pale ears ?

This isn’t a lie Kumu
It’s really fantastic 
That name of Korean style 
Alabaster sharp little nose
Strange color of the eyes that indicate inevitable entanglement 

Aren’t these cultural Koreas
Processing in between us ?

Are there exist anyone 
Who can understand significance beating in two hearts

In a moment that the loneliness is overflowing 
I take the phone call 
My Korean sweetheart is at the other end

Cuss words are overspilling often 
I’ve no straight answers 
For your sole question
In a petulant tone from the other end

That’s not the lovelessness Kumu
Lust is another way of flowing of love

There are enormous number of times that the doubt is haunting in my mind
In everyday my erotic datings – phone calls rejected 

I know the feeling of strain 
Babysitting a child in the eyes of you
Struggle of life – gnashing burden 
But I also become dubious 
Isn’t it because of love?

Yeah it’s true
Pennilessness – poverty 
Is not much stricken on me as for you 
But it’s not correct that the way you think
Both of us are in the same world 

I’m not Kim Jong-Un in your world of romance 
If so, I’ll fortify our world of love 
With a great wall which is bigger than that in China
To prevent hurt even from a glance at you 
To prevent anyone reach our mysterious world 

But my love
I’ve lost the key to my life for sometime 
Yes I know, you’ve lost it before me

So,  both of us
Have to wait 

My imperious 
Korean Sweetheart 
It’s strange to find lost keys in a life without a respite 
Korean cultural slave chains are so evil .

– Prasad Nirosha Bandara – මගෙ කොරියානු පෙම්වතී

  [Translated by Wojith Karunanayake]

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