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How SIXER VIDEO is helping companies work from home

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world. Globally, it has crossed 180,000 cases. In Sri Lanka, we have over 50 reported coronavirus cases. Amidst all this, communities in all shapes and forms have sprung to action to help the fellow human, ranging from the Health Promotion Bureau to the Community Crisis Response Team. 

The work environment is also another hard-hit area. With a recommended “stay at home” protocol in place, several companies have already taken the initiative to switch to remote working. But that doesn’t mean the work environment is without its disruptions. Particularly Human Resource operations. Here too, we see organisations step up to tackle the currently changing work environment. SIXER VIDEO is one of them.

How does it work?

In case you didn’t know, SIXER VIDEO is a Video Interviewing Platform built for HR managers and recruitment teams. This platform enables companies to screen candidates better, prior to a physical interview.

For candidates, it’s relatively straight forward. Just enter the designated job code shared by the employer, enter details, answer questions via video and upload.

As an employer, once you sign up with SIXER VIDEO, the platform will generate a job code. Next, you would need to prepare a list of questions that you want candidates to answer. Based on the number of questions, you can set a time limit. The job code could then be shared with prospective candidates.  Candidates would follow the instructions and send the responses as short videos.

A company can brand a candidate experience with logo, colours, pictures, videos, etc. prior to employing video interviews.

The candidate responses can be viewed directly from your dashboard. The dashboard would allow the recruitment team to evaluate candidates and decide who they would want to meet. “After screening them via video interviews, companies will only need to call 2 for final interviews rather than calling 20+ people for interviews”, comments Imthiyaaz Hassim, CEO and Co-Founder of SIXER VIDEO. 

Will a video-based recruitment strategy work?

It’s no secret that video has overtaken much of the internet and mobile data traffic. Ericsson’s Mobility Report from November 2019 states that video accounts for 63% of mobile data traffic at a rate of 38 exabytes per month. Furthermore, the likes of Instagram stories and streaming services is only going to push people for more video consumption. Thereby, employing a video-based strategy for recruiting may keep your company on prospective employees’ radar effectively. 

Recently, SIXER VIDEO crossed 1,000 video interviews conducted on its platform. Sharing Toyata Lanka’s experience Demetrious Perera’s testimonial reads, “We receive thousands of resumes in different templates when we advertise, so screening them all aren’t feasible. With SIXER VIDEO, we can look at the personality of the candidates more up- close in less time to find that potential diamonds in the rough.

In another testimonial, Suresh Muttiah from Union Assurance shares, “SIXER VIDEO delivered the results that we sought from a video interviewing platform. It was very simple to use and required little training in order to set things up. It was great to see a product that can be easily branded at a minimal cost. Our candidates found the tool intuitive and I would recommend this to any company seeking to streamline their candidate selection process.” 

How SIXER VIDEO is offering companies a helping hand

By now, you’ve heard enough about the importance of social distancing. Besides maintaining basic hygiene, it’s the one thing all of us could do to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus. This is true for the work environment too. Given the current situation, even moving one part of a company’s HR operations, like recruiting, is a step in the right direction.  Platforms like SIXER VIDEO makes this a possibility. 

From an employer perspective, the idea of SIXER VIDEO is to gauge a candidate more effectively in terms of communication skills, strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, etc. For employees, the platform would offer the flexibility to get in touch with a company for an employment opportunity without the need for physical meetings. A video pitch could potentially help prospective employees promote themselves better.

As working from home starts to be the norm, retaining daily operations at a company will become challenging.

Currently, several companies have already switched to a “Work From Home (WFH)” setting, with more likely to follow. As a result, interviews and face-to-face meetings are coming to a halt. As such, SIXER VIDEO will be providing the platform free of charge to companies, no strings attached. The platform usually operates on a subscription basis with 3 packages on offer, BASIC at LKR 19,900, PLUS at 39,900, and PREMIUM at 59,900.

Praising the move, Ruwindhu Peiris from Stax Colombo called it a “fabulous and an excellent gesture”, stating that his company has been an avid user of the platform. He went on to say that, “We all must do our best to not let the economy come to a halt. All of us blessed enough to be able to work remote must keep the engines going to ensure we do our part.”

A brief outlook of the company’s journey

SIXER VIDEO was founded in 2017, by Imthiyaaz Hassim and Sam de Silva. Supported and incubated by Common Edge Incubator, the startup signed its first client Stax, by late 2017. Since then the company got on board a host of others such as Toyota Lanka and Union Assurance. Recently, SIXER VIDEO secured a pre-seed funding by Asset Venture Limited, facilitated by Citizens Development Bank Business Finance PLC.  The company came in Runner Up at the Disrupt Asia 2018 Startup Battle and was one of the startups to represent Sri Lanka at the Oslo Innovation Week in in the same year.

SIXER VIDEO CEO Imthiyaaz Hassim
Imthiyaaz Hassim, CEO and Co-Founder of SIXER VIDEO.

All in all, platforms like SIXER VIDEO offers the opportunity for companies to explore alternatives in maintaining daily operations. One could argue, the current pandemic situation may even make SIXER VIDEO an obvious choice. The fact that SIXER VIDEO is offering its platform for free is an opportunity for companies to capitalize on given the challenging times at the workplace.  

Currently, the SIXER VIDEO team is also working on introducing a livestream feature. This would act as a live video conferencing mechanism with potential candidates, following the initial video pre-screen.So, in case you’re interested in trying out SIXER VIDEO or want to know more, you can reach out to them via the website or email to You could also call them up on or +9477 8312087.

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