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No comeback forever ?

If you are continuously deaf to what I say, I cannot do anything except remaining silent.

– A message from her


That’s not deafness Chanchala
It’s my heart that speaks

In a dream of a couple of sleepless nights
On a morning in which we came on two paths and went on a one single path
In critical seconds that elapsed
How could a destiny is written
to separate us into two paths

In that moment at Peradeniya
It’s the talkative lion who met us at Yapahuwa
was sheltering us
Can’t you remember Chanchala ?

I tried to close to you by a one step
But Chanchala
Do you remember the obstructing stack of books
Which was maliciously occupying the space between us…?

That sound made my heart shivering
The great mountain of Hanthana stood steadfast suddenly in between us

Even I’ve seen that books open a heart
That was the first time I saw a feeling was closed by books

It’s not just the deafness Chanchala
It’s the same  old heart remaining day and night like this

Yeah, it’s true
A poetic mind awakened
But that mind is so ponderous Chanchala

Can a poem
Stop at the feet
In a bandaged dream
Apply medicine of affection
To a bleeding heart
Rub the forehead
In a gentle smoothness …?

Chanchala, can a little sonnet
Revive a dying  feeling
That similar to three words ?

Chanchala ,
Peradeniya is chilly as then
I’m still at the feet of the lion statue
Expecting the inspiration

Aren’t you comeback forever Chanchala
In the dawn as before
To unite, coming from two roads
To become the sole traveller
In misty valley

– Prasad Nirosha Bandara – ආයෙ එන්නෙම නැද්ද?

  [Translated by Wojith Karunanayake]

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