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The fall out of the Ranjan Ramanayake speech in Parliament on 21st January 2020

This is how you eviscerate Bad Apples from your midst (January 21st 2020)
How to clean up corruption from within your ranks?
Coming out of the national discourse, emanating from the speech today that Ranjan Ramanayake gave in Parliament, it is apparent that he has a point, that the Crooks are mainly inside Parliament and many like him in jail (he was permitted to come out of remand prison to attend Parliament as an MP) are cleaner than those outside.
He did not hold back. He accused everyone including his own party the UNP, from which he was not only expelled, but also his organizer-ship and other positions he held, were also denied him, that he spoke now as an Independent Member.
You cannot be in Parliament if you are honest and say nothing when your colleagues are crooks. However for your own life, and your security, you don’t open your mouth and speak the truth, even if you know what the truth is. The people deserve better.
He shat on so many people it was not funny. However if we take just a simple example of SB Dissanayake telling Ranga Bandara, that if he changed sides from the UNP where he was, to the SLPP Pohottuwa Mob, at the time there was the illegal takeover of power by Mahinda Rajapakse, that he would immediately be given a Cabinet Minister Post, is anything but treason. So the Trump impeachment sounds like a joke in comparison to such inducements to change the course of history and go against the people’s mandate, not that it means a thing to Mahinda Rajapakse or his Government either, who are currently in power, along with the Drug Lords like Kudu Smell L as an MP who spoke immediately after Ranjan Ramanayake’s speech.
What is the least that we owe to the public of Sri Lanka? They have been led a dance by the very people, who bend in two to worship when they arrive at their doorstep to give or take! In order to correct this mistake and change the course of history, it is simply incumbent upon those who are honest to rat on the dishonest.
Well well, it was Ranjan who had the courage. How? He taped and video’d as much of his conversations as possible. When he needed proof to back up his words, he had the dirt on them. How can you look the people in the eye in prison, and feel sorry for them, as you should be serving a longer term than those poor hapless prisoners? They have no one to defend them, and are often the fodder for the sins of the drug lords or criminal gangs for whom they are doing the dirty work, or take the rap to save the bigger fish. I would love to be a fly on the wall, listening to prisoners’ conversations. I would like to know if they gave RR a standing ovation on his return.

The speech in parliament that has now gone viral on the Internet
Having logged over 200K of hits or views within hours of the speech being uploaded to Youtube, means that within a month half the population of Sri Lanka would have heard the tapes. How would they react?
Will they get a shock at the level of corruption in the judiciary and police?
Will they be shocked by the revelation that some Buddhist Priests are pedophiles?
Will they be angry that their heroes have been crucified in public for corruption?
I could go on and on in this speculation, but more to the point, I did not even detect a sense of shame even among the UNP politicians from whose ranks he spoke, despite being stripped of his party membership. The UNP is in turmoil, just as much as Mahinda Rajapakse and his mob, and they all deserve to be hounded out of parliament by a frenzied mob who should not be stopped by the security forces, who must now understand that they cannot protect rogues, purely by the fact they are Ministers or MPs and/or are holding office as their superiors.
Yes, the Parliament of Sri Lanka is an exclusive members club. It is for the Members and against the interests of the people of Sri Lanka, who they have promised to serve. They have repeatedly broken that promise, only to serve themselves. The heavy cost of seeking entry into parliament is simply not an excuse for corruption. They fund raise from people who they then protect, or give favors to. It lacks transparency. It is then only an old fashioned or glorified Masonic Temple with members, Free Masons, there to help each other succeed financially at the expense of everyone else.
The people cannot revolt as this will be brutally suppressed by the powerful armed forces, who are not trained to think, just to follow orders no matter how unjust. Unless the lower ranks are able to come out of their shell of ritual suppression and draw the line in the sand for justice and protect the innocent, there is no practical way out. The JVP is not the answer as they are no longer without blame for their part

The odds are stacked against the innocent and there is no external party who will come to save them or for that matter even support them. The people are on their own, rudderless, leaderless and so hang on to dear life to the purse strings of criminals as security from unjust repression. They are all looking for salvation from tyranny.

On this basis Hemasiri Fernando and Pujitha Jayasundera look like saints!

They have been in remand for months, not given bail for the charges they are accused of, when in fact both Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe are more to blame than these incompetent men taking the rap, with the jobs of Secretary of Defence and The Inspector General of Police (technically Pujitha is till the IGP)
Most religions have set the standard to say that sins of commission and sins of omission don’t have any different values. They are both sins. On this basis, while knowing the people in your midst are rogues and criminals and are guilty of treason, does not mean you are not held accountable for not bringing allegations against them, as much as you have evidence against them to light. Hence all MPs are guilty.
This is completely my logic in preventing any present Member of Parliament from holding future office as an MP and for that matter barred for life from serving in any elected capacity, where the voters are the general public. You can if you want be elected a chairman of a club of crooks. That is your prerogative, but not one that represents the people of Sri Lanka.
It may also be time to re write the constitution to prevent these lawmakers from ever being elected in future. It is so easy to do, but as the power of two thirds rests within Parliament, in which among them two thirds are rogues with privileges the general public are excluded from, it has to be done away by legislation.
This is a seminal moment, on the eve of a General Election to make changes that are far reaching and consequential. Coming so soon after the Ranjan Ramanayake revelations, that no Media in the Island have still exposed, as they are implicated,
So what is the problem in implementation?
This is the age old problem when a whole country has been hijacked by crooks. They hold the power. Only they can change the law and they are only taking steps to protect their turf, not to destroy themselves. Of course they are not foolish enough to destroy their own comfort zone of corruption. However the risk and chance that Ranjan Ramanayake took can only be built upon if the people are on the same page with him, and rise up to the occasion and say enough is enough!
We simply cannot play the same game of politics. It has not improved the quality of life of the poorest of the Country, and worse it has permitted people like the paddy Mafia to rule without shame or control over a vast swathe of society, with no consequences, or barriers to their power at price fixing and keeping the farmers in permanent penury. It is so easy to change, let’s just do it.

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