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I was thinking we are using technological advances to destroy and not recreate the wonder of life and living

What comes to mind with this statement which I just posted on FB along with two pictures of birds, I have not posted before and I don’t know the names thereof, and will have wait till I get the bird book from Yves from which to name it?
The first thing that comes to mind today, of course was the use of (mistaken I agree and that is the whole point) a Russian built SAM missile to take down the plane with innocent and brilliant people of Iranian origin.
Is God cursing the Iranian people for their deliberate bellicose action, of funding terrorism outside of their country in the name of religion, to spread their form of Shia Islam to all corners of the earth, when they are NOT doing the basics in feeding their own population, that forces these brilliant minds to seek greener pastures for their knowledge, expertise and contribution to this world?
In the same breadth is the US just as guilty of the same crime, where in order to ensure raw material security, and they will do anything, even destabilize a whole region to keep them mired in conflict to achieve a very nebulous outcome and are now facing a showdown of failure of past policies in achieving this so called desired outcome?
I am putting this paper in Kalpanakanna blog because it is the same message that is being given to our petty minded Sri Lankans who are so quick to criticize others like the Australians for wanting to cull 10,000 head of feral camels who are a real nuisance to all, instead of questioning their own morals, ethics and consideration for their fellow man within the island.
We have suddenly lost meaning of what is right and wrong and until we step back and realize that we will never go wrong, and can die in peace, if we act according to our conscience in doing what is right for our fellow man, no matter we don’t know that man, but by our actions alone is making life easier for some other human being on earth.
We need to critically think of our place in this society as we are here for a minuscule time on earth, and cannot take a dime with us when we go, so we need to use that time and effort to make the world a better place for our family, friends, neighbors and so we can rest in peace, knowing we did what we could within the capability and intelligence and work ethic that God gave us. We frankly don’t have to show our practice of religion. It is simply by the way we behave and act that we live our religion or out belief system. Religion is and has been the Opium used by the unethical to further their ends of greed and power.

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