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Shouting Into The Void


Nobody reads this blog1. RSS readers are dead, Kottu’s stats page
makes me weep, and I don’t dare post these things on social media.
So that leaves me at my most comfortable—a good old conversation
with myself.

There is beauty in solitude. You only truly begin to appreciate it
as you get older. At long last you feel validated that the things
you felt growing up as a shy and introverted only-child have real
world applications!

Society doesn’t feel this way about solitude. It sees the uncoupled
male as some sort of threat that has to be neutralised at all cost.
The same relatives who threatened to box your ears if you so much
as looked in the direction of the opposite sex now expect you to bed
a complete stranger. South Asian families are whack.

Anyway, it’s just so very amazing to be on your own and really
appreciate it. Like how you appreciate your head ceasing to spin
after a really heavy night of drinking. You just sit there being
thankful for the ordinary, the sober. And that’s beautiful, isn’t it?

  1. And that’s a good thing! 

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