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Two weeks and time to take stock! A train wreck waiting to happen Part 4 of 5

The beginning of the train wreck
Of course the security apparatus, in the name of tighter security has been dismantled with many secret police, and espionage operations being disbanded Islandwide. Can one imagine how that would do down with the 90K strong Police Force.
As if that was not enough, a senior investigating officer who was tasked with Investigating the Rajapakses, sought asylum in Switzerland for him and his family. Why the government took umbrage to that defied logic, as if he was here, he would simply be arrested and threatened! The Swiss have been giving asylum to people for a hundred years, and we remember how many anti Nazis they allowed into their country. So I am sure this was discussed in advance, owing to the sensitive nature of the investigations he was carrying out.
As if to make matters worse compromising the rights of them, 700 CID offices, the crème de la crème of the investigating force in Sri Lanka were prevented from leaving the island. Their names have been given to the airport, so that now their anonymity is also revealed compromising much of the investigations that have been carried out for many years.
Why? Perhaps they too have dossiers pertaining to the criminal activity of many in government. They must now file an FR claim as due process was not followed in their travel ban and it could easily be challenged in a court of law.
What does this all mean? The police have now been reduced to street cleaning and the Army have stepped in to do the civil defense as in SL, due to lack of international wars, we need a National Guard to protect local interests.
So when the abduction of the employee of the Swiss Embassy took place at gunpoint, on Monday, 25th November the stamp of the Military was clear. I in my comments in posts believed that the President would not do such a foolish thing, and unbeknownst to him, it was carried out by rogue elements in the security forces, who are well versed in carrying out clandestine attacks.
The Abduction and Trauma suffered by the Employee of the Swiss Embassy
The actual events, initially reported in the New York Times and subsequently many papers across the world, reported the terrible assault on a women staffer, who was asked to reveal details of asylum applications and visas granted to people to flee the country from being chased up for doing their job, ironically at the same time the Govt was trying to change the law to make Public Servants immune from prosecution when carrying out their duties in good faith.
As of going to press the abduction has gone viral with the defenders of the government saying that it is fake news, something done, so that the staffer can seek asylum and such like. I took offence such a serious crime did not warrant an immediate action.
I then saw on the 29th a serious allegation from Switzerland on prosecuting the wrongdoer.  
The internal struggle between the Police and the Army
Now that the CID had denied any knowledge of the incident where the abductors had said they were from the CID, now suspicions have been aroused that the goon squad that committed this heinous crime came from the military in an attempt to remove any evidence against the President. All this is new to the military not being used to unlike the police to be familiar with abductions and how they are reported.
The Police must now be smarting with the Army usurping their role, and their investigation into crimes heavily compromised due to rogues in power also.
Like I said we are just observers in this drama, and MR who must be watching closely, must be annoyed to see that the army reporting to GR is doing what they like, and he is simply powerless to give answers to the questions he is asked daily by the diplomatic corps.
The Swiss are not going to let up. They are past masters at diplomacy below the radar and can snooker Sri Lanka, without them realizing it, and denials are not sufficient. It smacks of a cover up from the top, and there is little room to maneuver, where the new President is suddenly finding himself as being a suspect in a crime against another state under diplomatic and Vienna Conventions.
The Government must tread very carefully here. It is likely the Prime Minister has no clue why this happened, if it came from the President. The PM more the President in aware of the damage to the reputation of Sri Lanka if he is implicated in this abduction. It is not funny to us law abiding citizens, that the eleven charges laid against GR that have now been swept under the carpet till he again is a private person now look definitive and not a witch hunt, when this came to light!

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