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Two weeks and time to take stock! A train wreck waiting to happen Part 2 of 5

My position on the Election Results
While long before, at least a month before the election I was convinced that GR will win by over a million, and I told many people about it, many who would not accept, I was not joining that bandwagon, only because of the rogues that were attracted to the platform. If he was serious about change you would not bring suspect characters to pad your team!
Once the results were out it just proved what I expected and so I just moved on, to a better vantage point to see clearly what is going on, not muddied with the internal shit taking place, where the Police have been officially denigrated into second class citizens, where the top 700 CID officers who were investigating a myriad of crimes, now prevented from travelling overseas, a complete FR violation as due process of the law was not followed by this travel ban.
These actions are clearly not constitutional, but not tested in the Courts, using the Supreme Court to challenge these edicts.
In fact, I have not deviated from the 225 EPA program and am still fighting that battle, and as I don’t implicate GR in this, I have given him the benefit of the doubt in all my social media postings and comments.
I am have always been for the rule of law, social justice, and checks and balances of those in power. I have suffered due to the abuse of power by leaders, and so know what it is like when you don’t have the law to protect you from lies and no regard for the law. I tell many, until you lose the protection of the law, you don’t know what it is like and value those fundamental rights, and the equal protection under the law.
The sycophant factor
One then has a hard core constituency who cannot see anything wrong in the President. While it is clear that he is still technically a US National, who has made efforts to renounce his citizenship, no one is pursuing this, as he has received a mandate to govern irrespective of his breaking the law of the land. Even the Election Commissioner knowingly looked the other way. WE don’t know if he had been promised a back hander of sorts for this, but that was ignored when presenting his nomination papers.
Now when edicts good and bad are being made, the sycophants are always giving excuses for defending even the indefensible. However that is the way of sycophants as the last regime also had the similar following. The difference is that this lot are racist, bigoted, misogynistic, and blind!

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