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World Tourism Day today – theme “Tourism and Jobs: A better future for all” Highlighting the emphasis on women as Sri Lanka Labor Force Participation of women is abysmal

Today is World Tourism Day – A timely article by the MD of SL Tourism, highlighting the absurdly poor Labor Force Participation Rate (LFP) for women in Sri Lanka (14th worst in the world) in a Country where two thirds of graduates are women! So it is not that our ladies are uneducated, they are not empowered to take charge as the male chauvinist pigs, and their scion token women, still dominate Diyawanna Island of shameless fornicators. We have preening prima donnas gracing high offices in the state sector who think the woman’s job is still to make the tea! So good women aren’t attracted to the Industry.
It’s not the public sector that we should stuff our graduate females in Divisional Secretariats throughout the land or in downright questionable teaching jobs more as secure employment, but teach them languages and skills and engage them in being the front end of our PR Image of Brand Sri Lanka in showing the face of HR in Sri Lanka Tourism, where the Industry at present is bending over backwards to chase away tourists because of insincere ploys to extract every penny from hapless visitors to this Country, without a value for money service, which I believe the ladies of Sri Lanka can be on the front line to correct, counter and conquer.
Of course many readers, who are men do not understand the point I am making because they are only concerned about their own short term business model and not of the overall and long term model of sustainable tourism as part of the 17 Millenium SDGs for SRI LANKA, that they simply are not concerned about. Its time for a sea change in thinking to include women in all aspects of Tourism Growth, to fill this skill gap of HR in Hospitality at all levels, and provide them with safe, secure and free from sexual exploitation employment.
There is a cultural issue not addressed in the article, namely in encouraging females into this Industry due to hitherto connotations of sexual exploitation, that has to change actively and passively to get the best and brightest to follow this path.
One of the bug bears of the Tourism Sector is that they are losing good HR to overseas opportunities, I challenge that this will be less so if more women are trained and employed. They are more likely to be loyal to the establishments that trained them, as long as their path to advancement is not impeded. Something for the hospitality industry to think about seriously, as we have the HR, we are simply not attracting them, and empowering them. Growth and development Sri Lanka suffers as a result. We cannot even think that the moribund State will be of any assistance in this goal, so it is all over to you, the private sector to take the lead.
Charmarie Maelge I trust this is a sincere attempt to enhance the message you have given today, the theme being “Tourism and Jobs”

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