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Silence in Talking

Everything is relative.
There was a girl, one of my friend..
She was silent always,, even with friends,
even with her family, she was silent..
I asked why are you not talking too much..
She said, because I do not want to talk,
Then I ask why do you not want to talk..
She said because I do not need to talk..
Why is that ? I asked..
I’m feeling that I’m wrong always,
I think that people will laugh at we If I say something wrong..
I always think that they are right..
When my friends are met, they like to talk,
they talk about different topics, one is trying to take over others voice..
So I would like to stay silent,
I would like to see what would happen and let it happen..
then I said, Silence is not bad..
You are silence, that means you are a good listener..
No one in this world is perfect..
You are not wrong and they are not wrong..
You compare yourself with them, you see that they talk too much..
And you think they know everything, which is not correct..
They know something on some topics relatively more than you..
But it does not mean you know nothing..
They talk about their hobbies, boyfriends, attires,
But you know about things more than that..
You know the value of silence, you know the value of listening..
And you might know the things about reality..
So for some context, they know something more than relativity to you..
And for some context you know something more than them, relatively..
So it is the problem with the community, Context and Relativity..
Where you are in wrong community because your friends values something else..
And they always choose their context and you are left alone within your context
which they do not know..
and they are talking about something you hardly know..
But still you are a good person, you need right community or right people to talk.
You need people who can appreciate you..
No need bunch of people but one person is enough..
Then you will talk, and will talk.. talk,, just talk…

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