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You see what you want to see – It is worth realizing there is more to it than first impressions

The clicks below (in this journal it is above) are two parts of the same photograph. When I posted the original photo, my eyes were on the larger Tusker, so the elephants all around did not get a look in. I stumbled upon this again, and on a second look, got three for the price of one!
If you look closely, there is a baby tusker in the photo with the big one. Seeing them is just as important to seeing the big one. The little fellows are part of the herd. In ten or more years he will venture out on his own if he is lucky.

The second photo is also very interesting seeing the little baby elephants who had just come out of the water, still enjoying their time without a worry in the world, as they are closely watched over by the elders for protection
The moral of the story here is that, often we see only what we want, and miss out on the big picture. This is so common, we need to always reflect a while and consider a double take, wondering if we have either come to the wrong conclusion, or we have missed out on the big picture.
We are so used to coming to instant beliefs based on limited facts, unable, or not wanting to accept that, either our conclusions are wrong, or at the least warped, because we wish to only reinforce our prejudices.
In fact we must also be aware that social media such as Facebook, also attempt to reinforce perceived prejudices, by presenting, targeted adverts in the guise of news, that they believe we are more likely to be happy with, thereby giving value to the organization, person, or political angle that is paying for that privilege, In short we are being duped, and our initial beliefs further confirmed, because we are presented with even more evidence to justify our point of view, further strengthening our resolve, instead of giving us a chance to question them, mind manipulation for short.

Just something to think about I guess! 

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