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Do you even know that the Indians are pouring in tens of thousands of troops into Kashmir today?

There is trouble brewing in Kashmir and India has asked all tourists to vamoose, as their security cannot be guaranteed and they are pouring in troops to this disputed region, in order to quell a potential uprising.
The world is silent as they don’t want to get involved and have their own problems and even the well-known rather unbiased international media are keeping mum! Such is the power of power, Indian style.
So make no bones about it, little Sri Lanka is not and never will be in that situation and cannot call the shots. Our foreign and domestic policy must be such that we know how to balance competing interests and do whatever it takes to benefit the Country, its strategic interests and take from whomever it gets, not be frightened to tell the opposition goons who have no clue about diplomacy nor understand sovereignty of a nation that is not powerful.
The Indian Govt. with Modi’s new found moral authority, is willing to go the whole hog and change the dynamics of how Kashmir is ruled. Read the links below for further information.
I am sure Pakistan is contemplating what moves they can make, but don’t want to interfere, as they have their own issues internally and the Afghanistan issues to contend with the Taliban, allowing India to effectively dictate terms.
Of course poor Sri Lanka will not dare even squeal as the Indian tiger will just Roar and our frightened leaders will just cower in fear, their words of bravado reserved for the local dimwits who believe any crap that is laid on them.
This action of India is a salutary reminder of the possible, if we try to embrace Chinese too much into our bosom. It is just was well that potential power seekers understand the ground reality, of the delicate game that has to be played.
Narendra Modi is a fierce counterbalance to Xi Jinping of China, our jokers need to know how to play the game of balance, keeping both super powers happy with Sri Lanka. We need to warn the politicians who do otherwise, to keep their traps firmly shut, if they call themselves patriots, as nationalists we don’t want anything to do with that moniker in the present environment.

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