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Probelms and solutions

I always expected that my life would go easily, like a stream, without any obstacles. But it is not always. Always I faced problems in life, I need to be in a safe place but my life put me in a place where safe zone is quite far away.

When I’m doing my job, everyday I expected to do a job without any obstacles, without any problem, but the all the tasks and work related things are not easy, some people might say that it is a challenging job but of course challenge means problems and obstacles. But I had to face it. Sometimes I thought only I’m getting this kind problem and tried to blame what I’m doing. It does not matter I blame or not but I had to complete what I have been assigned. Then I started doing it, I stopped blaming, I changed the way of thinking, I was starting to learn, the more the problem is getting bigger or complex, I got the knowledge of complex and bigger problem. Understanding is a the first thing you achieve and when you get understood then you will find a solution. I got the knowledge which someone has not gained yet or someone is lazy to getting it, then when a question comes from that particular area everybody was finding who has the expertise on that area, now who is it? It’s me. It’s you if you apply this to your life, it can be anyone who can apply this to his or her life.

Blaming is not the correct answer for everything you face, learn something from it, get the understanding, talk to the people already face to it, then find the solution, and you will be an expert on that problem area.

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