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Bad Time

May be your time is bad,
may be there could be no one to take you to the right path..
In life there are some times we need someone..
Someone who can help us to overcome some worse situations..
It could be your friends, parents, teachers, Religion or you yourself..
We all face this type of situations in our life..
But there were someone, helped me at that situation..
There could be definitely someone in your life..
If you cannot remember then dig into your memory..
Mohammmad Sahraan,, you killed so many people..
Why did you do that? because you are not in the correct path..
you were taught how to kill, you were not taught the value of love..
At least there could be no one to re-track your derailed life..
Your best friend may be your religion, your faith..
But it tells nothing apart from killing people..
So how do you live in peace..
This faith should have not been your best friend..
Your best friend is you..
You have to nourish your best friend with the values of love and peace..
Then your best friend will talk to you at the right time..
He will never let you down when you are in trouble..
That is why I said may be you had a bad time..
You had a best friend who only knows killing people..
So your best friend approved your decision..
He did not save you from the sin you made by killing innocent people and children..
So We are worrying about you..

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