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We will come back

We will come back..
We tasted the sweetness of the victory..
We tasted the bitterness of the defeat..
Sometimes we were on the peak..
Sometimes we were at the bottom..
They tried to eliminate us..
But they do not know our strength..
They were thinking we as fools..
They were thinking we will forget anything..
But they do not know our strength..
The strength of love..
The strength of peace..
They do not know what is the powerful weapon in this world..
The weapon used to kill another human being is not the most powerful, But the weapon used to heal up human being is the most powerful..
Love and peace..
The weapons used to heal up the world..
We have that power..
And we are using it to heal the world..
Whatever they tried to destroy the humanity, we will come up with love and peace.
We will come back again with love and peace..

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