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Internet Explorer The Nightmare Of Web Developer

After long time of silence I thought of writing a blog post about a web browser that have slowed cyber world. Internet Explorer is considered to be the nightmare of web developer due to its notorious way of rendering web pages. Recently I came across several bugs of IE and it really made my life a hell.

The funniest thing is that I need to write separate specific code for not only for IE browser but also to it’s different versions as well.I don’t know why Microsoft does not understand the meaning of the English word ‘standards’ or ‘consistency’.

And other thing is that other web browsers will force their users to upgrade to newer version of a software as soon as there is a update but in IE, Microsoft is not bothered to force their clients to upgrade or at least inform the users there is a new version released.

Google has come up with a good solution for IE issues with introducing Google chrome frame plugin. This enable IE users to experience what they have missed in web. For more information visit chromium project.

I don’t know why Microsoft is acting like a bunch of idiots while other people like Google have to fix issues of IE. So I think Microsoft must rethink their strategies and help the web to grow rather than slowing the web community.

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